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Netflix Coming to TV This Year

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Netflix is developing a set-top box in partnership with LG, according to various reports. It is to be released in the second half of this year.

This could be a big deal, depending on whether the pricing is attractive. Apple TV, whose customers may be getting access to movie rentals in addition to downloads this month, goes for $299, and Vudu sells for $399. Amazon Unbox currently streams on existing TiVo boxes. Multiple reports mentioned a $799 price for the Netflix-LG box — that’s what LG’s HD DVD/Blu-Ray DVD player currently goes for. $799 sounds way too high, especially considering Netflix doesn’t yet stream in high definition.

Netflix has moved carefully in its rollout of digital movies, launching a Windows-only streaming product for existing DVD-by-mail subscribers at the beginning of this year. It has recently been experimenting with unlimited streaming plans. The company offers 6,000 titles in its streaming library, significantly more than the competition. With competitor Blockbuster on the down and out, Netflix is sounding more ambitious. CEO Reed Hastings told the New York Times:

“We want to be integrated on every Internet-connected device, game system, high-definition DVD player and dedicated Internet set-top box,” he said. “Eventually, as TVs have wireless connectivity built into them, we’ll integrate right into the television.”

13 Responses to “Netflix Coming to TV This Year”

  1. At this point, game consoles and DVRs (Tivo) are the real bridge between delivering content via the internet and the TV. Netflix appears to have their strategy well aligned with what they do best, and that is to use the power of the web to select movies. Now if they are able to expand their partnerships to other device manufacturers that are currently plugged into both the internet and the TV, they will be a front-runner in levering the power of IP delivery instead of the US Postal service.

  2. Liz Netflix plasns to roll this out on as many boxes as they can but I suppose that LG needed something to announce at CES .

    Its a shame that Netflix didn’t do a deal with a game console manufacturer who already have a huge install base and can do firmware/software updates on the fly over a internet connection or via disk .

    Your Right who wants to pay top dollar for Blue-Ray or HD-DVD functionality when streaming broadband video is the future of the market that can keep broadcasters happy becuse thier is no hard copy kept on a end users machine .

    Im still holding out hope that Joost will look at game consoles this year and if they don’t someone else will because of the large install base that is already connected to the internet to exploit p2p networking and always on connections .

    Microsoft has been working on p2p muti-player gaming
    Microsoft Research TechFest – Using P2P to speed up multiplayer gaming (and other things)

  3. The $799 bits weren’t about a new box, but rather that LG may be adding this as a service to their existing $799 BH200 BD/HD DVD box. It has the Ethernet connectivity and limited storage, and it certainly has the hardware.

  4. i think they meant the combo blu-ray/hd dvd is $799, and the netflix function would be added into that. not 799 for a standalone box. i’d prefer to see netflix functionality added into somethign like the slingcatcher or gejboxish stuff.