Neowin- Five most significant tech trends for 2007

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The new year has us all looking back at 2007 and pontificating on the significant things we believe will impact 2008 and Neowin has published an article looking at just that.  They have distilled 2007 into the five most significant tech trends they feel will carry on into 2008 and it’s a pretty good list.

  1. Apple is conquering the world
  2. Google vs. Microsoft Live
  3. DRM is losing ground
  4. PC Makers need to improve experience
  5. The Cloud is starting to take over

They give a reasoned look at these trends and explain why they feel they will have an impact in 2008 and it’s pretty solid.  We’ve discussed a lot of these here on jkOnTheRun and it will be interesting to see how these play out this year.

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LOL…”The Cloud”. I assume I’m missing something since I’ve been doing MORE than the definition of “The Cloud” for like the last 10 years (I don’t do “public documents”, so I’m one up). Is it that it wasn’t cool until one catchword (google) came up with another one? Well, until someone comes up with a name that doesn’t remind me of Charles Nelson Reilly, I’ll keep calling it what I’ve been calling it over the past decade…”work”.

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