Moxia USBCell rechargable battery review

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AacellEverythingUSB put the Moxia USBCell AA batteries through a cycle or two and finds that while the overall power capacity is lacking, these cells are still very useful. Since part of the battery footprint is taken up by a USB port, the batteries can only hold around 1300 mAh of power. That compares to 1700 mAh for a standard, disposable alkaline battery, so you can already see a small issue. You also can’t use two USBCell batteries in a stacked USB configuration: if you have two USB ports in a vertical alignment, two batteries won’t fit. Side-by-side USB ports work just fine though.It can also take longer to recharge these cells through USB as opposed to other rechargable batteries with a quick-charging pack. Still, a full charge on USB is under seven hours, which is less than a full workday. I wouldn’t consider these as my primary battery solution, but I could see them come in handy for use in a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard. Batteries in those devices typically need replacing once every four to six months and I’d hate to be caught without a spare battery. If Moxia delivers on their planned AAA size units, I’ll consider it. Until then, we’re all limited to AA batteries at the not-so-bargain price nearly $17.50 each. Check out the full review for more pros and cons.

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For $17.50, I can buy plenty of overpriced AA batteries at the most expensive tourist trap/souvenir shop/airport store if I really end up needing one and my gear bag doesn’t have anyway available (which is highly unlikely).

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