E-Lead Noahpad UMPC- what is it?


NoahpadJenn at Pocketables has picked up some information about a new UMPC from Asian company E-Lead Electronic called the NoahPad UMPC.  This is a typical UMPC running Windows XP on a Via processor and using a 7-inch screen but the keyboard on this swivel-screen UMPC is what sets the Noahpad apart from the competition.  It seems from the information provided to Jenn that the keyboard is not real, no it seems to be a virtual keyboard consisting of a touchpad with keys displayed on it.  I’m not sure what use this would be but the material from E-Lead shows the keyboard folded flat underneath the screen for some weird touch typing.  I suppose that this keyboard would allow the device to change the touchpad based on the application but who knows?  What the hell is this company thinking?  Check out Jenn’s entire post for some pics and details about this weird UMPC.



Actually, a touchpad offscreen can be quite different from an onscreen keyboard. It doesn’t have to solve the problem of coexisting on/under the screen. The experience can also be quite different, since your fingers aren’t obscuring the screen. I’m not saying that this one deserves the awards it’s been winning in Taiwan, but it might.

James Kendrick

For the keyboard? E-ink won’t work on a changing UMPC display as that’s not what it’s designed for. E-ink would work on that weird keyboard but why? A touchpad keyboard would be no different from onscreen keyboards on UMPCs now and they are pretty bad for serious text entry.

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