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Carry Wikipedia on your pre-fifth-generation iPod


We’ve seen these Wikipedia-on-iPod hacks before, but they get no less useful over time. In fact, I suspect that Encyclopodia is a more up to date version of Wikipedia since it clocks in at 1.7 GB; I’ve seen older implementations for other platforms in the 400 MB range.Encyclopodia is available for installation via Windows, Mac or Linux, although the Windows install looks to be the most simple and easiest due to the installer. You can still listen to music files on your iPod but you can’t read Wikipedia content at the same time. It’s a one or the other situation, almost like a dual boot environment in your pocket. The free Encyclopodia doesn’t work on fifth-generation iPods yet but older iPods with screens (sorry Shuffle owners!) should be just fine.(via Hackszine)

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