BBC predicts UMPC success in 2008

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3422024404_2The BBC has a top-five list of technologies that will make headlines in 2008 and I’m happy to see the UMPC at number two. In a fair criticism, they say that the original debut of the companion devices was plagued by poor battery life and high prices. Looking back to 2006, I think it’s fair to concede that point as we generally saw devices in the 2 to 2.5 hours of runtime and prices fairly well north of $1,000.What’s changed to get the BBC to see the light? The Asus Eee PC and it’s expected low-cost portable competitors for starters. I’ve read that Asus has already sold over 350,000 units in the last quarter (which was a partial sales quarter based on the Eee rollout) and that number is higher than most other UMPC models that have been out far longer. Flash memory capacity increases along with price decreases are helping as well, not to mention the relationship a UMPC can have with the BBC’s number one predicted technology headline for this year: The Web to Go. Or should I say “the cloud“? ;)

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So if the original definition of UMPC doesn’t lead to successful products, just redefine it to incorporate successful products like the Eee?

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