Apple iPhone vs. Verizon Voyager: round one at Gear Diary


Lg_voyager_01_3When we got a sneak peek at the Verizon Voyager before its official release, it didn’t take long for the “iPhone killer” debates to ensue. Clearly folks are interested in the new LG device from Verizon as our hands-on video was the seventh most viewed post written in 2007. But is it a serious competitor to the wildly popular iPhone?Stan Lau provides some insight to that question by comparing two of the many functions in these two handsets: contacts and web-surfing. Admittedly, Stan is a happy iPhone owner, but he feels that the difference between the devices is like “night and day”. For example, he didn’t see any extended fields like address in the contacts app of the Voyager. With the nice QWERTY keypad inside the phone, one would expect useful text fields to take advantage of it. One of the highly touted features of the Voyager is the full HTML browser, but Stan ran into some issues there as well. Give his short take on these two devices and share your thoughts, especially if you’ve used both the iPhone and the Voyager!One quick note since Stan mentions the use of CoverFlow for his contacts. I haven’t seen function on my iPhone but perhaps it’s due to the lack of contact photos. Sounds like a great feature, but not on my iPhone; anyone else?



My wife received a voyager as a Christmas gift from someone – she wanted to use it store all her contacts in one place – like a PDA – but it SUCKS – you can’t store address information in the contacts – how lame is that???


There is a clarification of the “cover flow” in contacts. He meant the way you can flick the screen up/down to scroll through contacts. Which is different than the visual album covers in coverflow. He also only played with a demo unit at a store. That’s not enough time to do a fair comparison. The JK video review is more complete for those interested.

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