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NDTV Convergence Takes over Ad Sales Duties

[by Cerius Shah] NDTV Convergence has taken over ad sales duties from its parent firm NDTV Media. Rajesh Kumar has been elevated from managing syndication and digital sales to National Head of Sales. Previously we had reported that NDTV media was handling ad sales duties for MSN Desktop TV. Word is that MSN has been pleased with their performance and renewed the contract.

The change of guard is good news for two reasons. First, selling TV air time is a cut throat business and web inventory is usually thrown in as a bundle or at a discounted add on. Secondly, NDTV is known for using its salesforce as an atomic entity, this gives it a good chance to sell across the board for third party sites as well. Selling stand-alone will increase the value of inventory, although there might be some attrition from advertisers used to the bundled taste.

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