Last test, I promise



This final (I swear) test is with multiple photos snapped from the show floor.  Just use your imagination.

OK, I now see that only one photo will appear in each post, even though I took two in this test.  That’s why we test these things.  :)


Kevin C. Tofel

I went on record to pick HD-DVD about 1.5 years ago, but the format war is far from over. Actually, it is over in my home as I do have the HD-DVD drive for my 360.

Cody B

Has mobile tech manor picked a side on the HD format front? Now I don’t remember, but I know Kevin is a HD geek that owns a X-Box. Could Kevin be a HD-DVD guy? Not even jkontherun can pick a side. hmmmmmm.

James Kendrick

I’m pretty sure that the blogging software is compressing these while posting. Plus remember it’s a Windows Mobile device I took the photos with. Kevin is indeed going but he’ll take professional quality photos as usual.

Mike Cane

As you can probably see, there are many jaggies on the diagonals. How are you posting these? Is it a straight upload? What res? Are they automatically scaled by the blogging software?

Hmmm… and is Kevin going? Let’s see some iPhone tests like this.

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