Coffee break- geeking with T Lewis


I’ve written about meeting with T Lewis before, I like to do that every time he is in town and this past weekend he and I sat down in the local Starbucks and had a great chat for 2.5 hours.  T and I are surprisingly alike in our approach to mobile tech and the things that interest us although we work entirely differently.  T was excited because he ordered a Lenovo x61 Tablet PC that should be waiting for him when he got back home.  He’s going to love the Lenovo knowing what he likes and I can’t wait to hear how he is liking that baby when he uses it a while.  He ordered it with XP instead of Vista because in his artistic endeavors he uses legacy programs that need XP and he can’t live without them.  Maybe we can talk him into sharing how a top cartoonist uses a Tablet PC to create his masterpieces.

T also has a Motion LS800 which I didn’t know and he loves the small form factor for the portability it provides, although the relatively low resolution (800×600) can be frustrating at times.  It’s a shame that Motion has phased out the LS800, the only sub-12 inch slate available.  Fujitsu has a 10-inch slate but I’ve never heard from anyone who’s actually seen or used one.  Maybe T should look at that one.

The two of us happily geeked out and were so absorbed in our discussion that the time flew so quickly we were both surprised how long we had been sitting there.  T got the chance to play with the HP 2710p, the OQO Model 02, the HTC Advantage and the Nokia N800.  I could tell the Advantage surprised him like it does most people with how versatile it is given it’s just a Windows Mobile device.  He also liked the OQO because of the active digitizer, although the small screen size would impact heavy OneNote usage.  It’s like taking a lot of notes on a bunch of index cards.

It was a great visit and I was very happy to see T again.  Hopefully this is something we can repeat with greater frequency although that’s difficult living so far apart.  Keep on hedging dude and thanks for the Over the Hedge book!  My whole family was in stitches that night sharing the comics.  :)



I’m selling the LG C1 10″ Tablet PC if anyone is interested…


t lewis

Hey, James,
Thanks for the mini-geekout. It was a kick.

My Lenovo was awaiting me back in Majestic Eastern Washington State. I’m writing this on it, experimenting with touch-enabled input via Inscibe – the onscreen keyboard I learned of right here on JKontherun. Probaby a nerds-only thrill but still pretty groovy.

I proudly showed off my jkotr souvenirs to the family. My wife, still quaintly stuck in her pre-tablet paradigm, is already putting the mousepad to use.

I’ll be in touch…Enjoy the gizmo orgy out west…looking forward to your and Kevin’s insights.

Thomas R. Hall


Totally agreed! I have an ST5100 series (12″) and an LS800 but want a 10″ tablet. If Motion would come out with a general C5-sized device, I would be in heaven. Basically, a larger LS800 with 1024×768 10″ screen and integrated WWAN would be great!

James Kendrick

Thomas, that sucks and explains why both the 12 and 10 inch models have the same model number. Why would you ever get the 10-inch screen in the same form factor?

Thomas R. Hall

I’ve seen you mention that Fujitsu ST5100 series has a 10″ slate multiple times, and wanted to clarify… The slate has the same dimensions, regardless of if you have the 12″ or 10″ screen. There is just an additional border around the screen. I really wanted the 10″, but it’s the same size, unfortunately.


Hi guys,
Happy New Year from the UK, hope 2008 is an awesome one for you both. Just saw this post and was reminded that my friend who works for Coca Cola over here a sales rep has a Fujitsu slate, will try to find out the model number for you. Unfortunately, the one time I used it we discovered that the OS has been fairly havily restricted. He was having trouble with rotation but thankfully the limitations didnt stop us going into the Control panel and fixing that for him.
Keep up the good work

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