Vid-Biz: Perez, Australia, Subvert


Perez Hilton Switches to Twistage Video; gossip star goes with lesser known vid company in the hopes of better monetizing his work. (TV Week)

Australian Government Wants ISPs to Filter Content; under the banner of child pornography, Aussie government to set up a list of “unsuitable” web sites, users would have to opt out of the program. (BBC)

Subvert and Profit Targeting YouTube; “crowd hacking” pay-for-Digg-placement service aims to manipulate viral video for money. (TechCrunch)

Feds Looking to Help Digital Transition; ahead of the analog shutoff in 2009, Commerce Dept. to begin accepting applications for coupons that will take $40 off the price of a digital converter box. (LA Times)

Germans Watching Less TV; average time per day in front of the tube drops to 208 minutes from 212 minutes, young people and their “Internets” cited as most likely cause. (Reuters)

Korean Government OKs IPTV; new rule allows terrestrial broadcasters to make their programming available on the Internet as its being broadcast on TV. (The Chosun Ilbo)

Professional News Coverage of Bhutto Proves Popular; reporting on the assassination by traditional news sources posted to the web has attracted the most viewers. (MediaPost)

Adult Entertainment Company Offers 1080P HD Downloads; it will take members of Perfectgonzo 70 minutes to download a DRM-free film over a 5 MB connection. (emailed release)

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