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Mobile tech helps child with clothes at two homes

PhotoRegular readers are likely familiar with my ten-year old son, Tyler. If not, you can catch a video of his thoughts on the Asus Eee PC. What you may not know is that Tyler lives with his mom and he’s only at our home on scheduled weekends. His mom and I have been amicably divorced for several years and she’s a great parent to our son. So why am I sharing this info and what the heck does it have to do with mobile tech?Much like the small problem I had last year when picking out glasses for myself, I found a drop-dead simple use of mobile tech to solve a recurring problem. Here’s the problem: Tyler routinely forgets to return the outfits to his mom that he wears over on weekend visits. We’ve tried the normal solutions, i.e.: place the clothes from mom’s house in a bag at the end of the day and grab the bag on the way home Monday morning. No such luck. What’s worse: after several outfits are left, they get mixed in with outfits that are supposed to stay at my house. We all end up wasting time digging through hampers in two homes to find the return clothes and we always seem to forget what Tyler was wearing when he came over.

What’s a geek to do? Yesterday when I picked Tyler up at his mom’s I figured it out. I was showing pictures of Kelso on my iPhone when it hit me. I looked at Tyler and said: “Tyler, go stand across the room”. He and his mom raised an eyebrow because they had no clue what I was doing. As I went to hit the Camera app on the iPhone, Tyler’s mom started laughing because she figured out where I was going with this. Yup, I snapped a picture of what Tyler was wearing over to my house. Tyler, I’m liking the NFL throwback jersey dude, but… the Eagles?!?Now, when he returns to his mom’s house, we can just flip through the Camera Roll on the iPhone before we leave. He often leaves Nintendo DS games, books and other items, so I’ll be using this simple approach for a quick inventory going forward. Obviously, using a camera-phone to inventory items isn’t a new idea, but this usage will definitely help us address the often frustrating problem Tyler has keeping his stuff in two homes.

3 Responses to “Mobile tech helps child with clothes at two homes”

  1. Interesting concept. The way I get around this (I have twins) is to keep as duplicate a set of clothes as possible.

    Then if there are clothes lost, I just pick up some extras. The searching for the clothes in the hamper chore becomes old pretty quickly.

    I also found that it helps if I tell their mom to go do some shopping for me. I keep the extra clothes (and pay for them). Having duplicates of some outfits is a huge timesaver.