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Thanks for the conversation!

Jkotr7000postsI was hoping to catch this one exactly, but I’m at the Toyota dealer getting the Hybrid serviced while James got a few posts out this morning. Call it karma or call it amazing coincidence, but we’re ending the year here at jkOnTheRun with over 7,000 posts since the site was started! This is actually post number 7,002; guess I shouldn’t have stopped at WaWa for coffee on the way in to the dealership this morning. ;)James and I chatted about this milestone just last week, and although we think that’s a large number of posts for two writers, there’s an even more telling number that blows us away: the number of comments. We couldn’t believe there were over 23,000 reader comments here on the site! It’s a testament to our readers for taking that much of an interest in the conversation here. And that’s what our intent is: offer up topics, reviews and opinions but make sure we have a conversation with you. Hopefully, with over 7,000 posts, we’ve done our part. With over 23,000 comments, we know you have and we hope it continues! Stay tuned later today for another end of year update on the content this past year… and thanks!

6 Responses to “Thanks for the conversation!”

  1. As a born and bred Philly guy now living in Florida I envy your visit to WaWa for coffee! Best coffee IMHO. That’s one of the many things I miss about my home town. I really enjoy you guys and appreciate the non-confrontational way you treat the community. Happy New Year.

  2. Regular Reader

    Thanks to you Kevin and James for all that you do to inform, educate, and engage this community.

    As we enter 2008 my thoughts and prayers remain with Sue Orchant and her children.

  3. C. Castle

    Hmmm… have you adjusted for the occasional “reply to our own posts in the comments section” phenomena? Just kidding, guys. Thanks for brining us things to talk about and a place to do it. Happy New Year!

  4. This is absolutely awesome and as Kevin pointed out the significant statistic is the number of comments. We do what we do here for the readers, sure we enjoy it and love what we do but there is nothing better than interacting with you readers and seeing you interact with each other via the comments. The ability to start discussions is what drives both Kevin and I and we appreciate all of you who participate here on jkOnTheRun.