10 most read posts written and viewed in 2007

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Iphotomeasure2007 is wrapping up and I thought it would be interesting to see what the top 10 posts here at jkOnTheRun were. Finding that information is easy thanks to Google Analytics and it’s interesting to note that out of the several millions of page views here this year, just over one-third of them are the home page. Sounds like a fair number of folks have a jkOnTheRun bookmark!Before I share the list of most viewed posts in 2007, I want to point out that some of the heaviest viewed individual posts this year were actually written in prior years. I’ll remove them from this list so that only the posts written this year qualify. If there’s interest, I can share a top-ten list that includes posts from all prior years. Having said that, let’s start out with number ten and work our way up to number one!

  • 10: More information on the Dell Tablet PC surfaces – Back in April we received an anonymous tip with information on a potential Dell Tablet PC. Sure enough, we now know the rumor was true as the Dell Latitude XT arrives in a few short weeks.
  • 9: T-Mobile Dash Windows Mobile 6 Update – In May, James upgraded his T-Mobile Dash to Windows Mobile 6 only to find an inconvenient issue when turning off the phone radio.
  • 8: Introducing the HTC Advantage and Shift – March brought us the official press release on two new devices from HTC. The Advantage turned out to be quite a performer in the Windows Mobile space, but we’re still waiting for the Shift to hit high gear in the UMPC market. Perhaps it’s too late for the first iteration?
  • 7: Hands on video: Verizon Voyager and friends – Just two short months ago, James was invited to lunch with a representative from Verizon Wireless. Aside from the feeding frenzy, there was a plethora of phones on the menu. Say hello to the Juke, Venus and Voyager!
  • 6: Will Leopard’s Time Machine backup to a network drive – About a week before the October release of Mac OS X Leopard, I was wondering if I could use Time Machine to justify the purchase of an AirPort Extreme base station and 320 GB external drive. Officially I couldn’t, but the accounting department here at the home office doesn’t need to know that. Even if they do find out, I could always use a hack to get this to work.
  • 5: Use a regular phone to make free calls with majicJack – Clearly our budget-conscious readers don’t just want cool mobile tech, they want free mobile tech. And who doesn’t?
  • 4: ModBook close to shipping, getting free upgrades – Apparently, there’s more than a little interest in a tablet-based Mac notebook. Unfortunately, this article from May indicated the ModBook was shipping soon. We just got the same news last week!
  • 3. JGUI Vista Smartphone interface – Way back in January, James got a look at a free Windows Mobile application that offers a Vista look and feel. With as many views as this video got, it’s clear that folks want to see Windows Mobile with a fresher face. Wouldn’t you know that later in the year we saw just that from HTC and their Neo interface?
  • 2. How to score a discount on your monthly cell phone bill – Tens of thousands flocked to this short but useful list of ways to get a monthly cellular discount back in September. Considering this is the first year in the U.S. that more money was spent on cellular over land-lines, I’m not surprised.
  • 1. How to measure anything with a camera and software – Far and away, this post back in February was the most read post that we wrote here in 2007. My only explanation? It was Slashdotted. ;)

There you have it: the 10 most viewed posts we wrote here in 2007. If we took into account all individual posts from 2004 onward, only four of these posts would appear as six posts from prior years had more page views in 2007.Let us know if you enjoyed seeing the popular posts as it was pretty easy to compile them here. Perhaps folks want a weekly or monthly listing of the most read jkOnTheRun posts for that time period so they don’t miss any popular or useful entries?

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James Kendrick

Nice list Kevin and it always surprises me which posts turn out to be most popular. :) I find it pretty cool that posts from years past still would make the Top 10 list for this year if they were included. The timeliness of mobile tech. :)

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