YourPND lets you be your own backseat driver


YourpndTired of someone else giving you directions when driving? Why not substitute your own voice for the one on your GPS? YourPND is a service that records your voice speaking the many standard navigational words found in GPS devices. The phrases are then saved to file that’s currently compatible with many of the TomTom branded units, but the company plans to offer support for Garmin, MyRide, Mio and other units in the future.The company’s current site is in Dutch, but they’re also working on an English version; you can sign up here to be notified when it goes live. To use the service and have a download of your recorded navigation terms costs just under 7 Euros. To gift your voice to a friend or family member via a USB stick, expect to pay around 20 Euros. If neither option sounds attractive, I can sit in your backseat with Google Maps on my iPhone for a buck a mile. ;)(via OhGizmo!)

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