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Reports still coming in that CompUSA has HTC Advantage for cheap

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I have been hearing from readers for a few days that some CompUSA stores that are going out of business have the HTC Advantage in stock for cheap prices.  Reader Rob let me know just now that his local Tampa store had the Advantage for $629 which is a very good price.  If you’re in the market for an Advantage it might be worth a trip to your local CompUSA before they close for good.  One reader reported that there were no Advantages displayed and that she had to specifically drive the sales rep to look in the back where a number of them were found.

10 Responses to “Reports still coming in that CompUSA has HTC Advantage for cheap”

  1. I picked one up from the Lansing, MI store 2 days ago for $630 and they still had 2 more in stock when I left. They did have one on display in the smartphone section.

    Like James, my AT&T SIM works fine (from my Tilt).

  2. Interesting – I can report that within the last week in Connecticut I checked the Manchester CompUSA and found Advantages on display for ~$800 (which was marked down from about $880). I’m going from memory on the $$ — but I’m withint +/- $20 I think.

    I stopped at the Orange, CT CompUSA store on Boston Post RD on Friday night (12/28) and they had no Advantages displayed. I did not inquire.

    For some bizarre reason sales were VERY light at both CompUSA stores. A lot of people browsing but not many buying. The prices look like regular everyday pricing – especially when compared to the web. I think CompUSA will have to go 75% to 80% to clear their stock. They have a lot of really generic stuff that isn’t going to be price competitive without a huge markdown.

    My guess is they’re going to offload what they can then sell the rest to a liquidator rather than keep their stores open for a few more months only to sell stuff at a loss.

    P.S. – The store in Orange is nasty dirty. Manchester CT is ok but nothing to write home about. I won’t really miss CompUSA – they were primarily useful for last minute stuff – and increasingly Staples and Office Depot are filling that niche.

  3. When I got mine, there were none on display and it had to be retrieved from the back, as well, but the employee actually knew they were there.

    My problem is now trying to figure out why my AT&T SIM card doesn’t work with it, I’m not in a hurry to go to AT&T for help and have them decide I need a new data plan.