NTV Predictions: Unlikely Bedfellows


Among the questions we’ve asked our panel of online video experts was this one: Which enemies will make friends in 2008?

Selections from their responses are below. We’d love to hear your take on the question or on our panelists’ predictions in the comments. For more information on the NewTeeVee 2008 outsourced predictions, see this post.

diaz.jpgZadi Diaz, Smashface Productions (co-creator of EPIC-FU):

“MSM and the New Media. Even though we are different animals, we may need each other in order to survive more than we think.”

ruiz.jpgGeorge Ruiz, head of new media at International Creative Management (online video talent agent):

“The WGA and AMPTP. The sooner the better.”

silvestri1.jpgMax Silvestri, Gabe and Max’s Internet Thing (web video comedian):

“Vimeo and North Korea.”

desilva.gifRichard de Silva, general partner at Highland Capital (investor in Metacafe):

“Fox Interactive and Yahoo; AOL and MSN.”



why do you ask the most non – relevant people to comment on something they are foreign to, or distant at best, i dont ask my gardner for investment advice and i sure dont ask my babysitter to tune up my mercedes


I predict that Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon will forgive and forget. They will start a passionate love affair and join together to co- found an artists cult in Simi Valley , in which each one is refered to as Zula Kon Aggoliyet , also known as the Free One. Happy New Year to all the web workers , the world over.

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