MacBook Pro loses Bluetooth- a fix

BluetoothI can’t just bash Vista and ignore Mac problems when they arise and today for the first time one did on my MacBook Pro running Leopard.  I booted into Vista Ultimate using Boot Camp and played Call of Duty 4 for a while.  I am totally impressed with how well Vista runs on the MBP under both VMWare Fusion and natively with Boot Camp.

After I finished playing COD4 I restarted the MacBook Pro and booted into Leopard and was I surprised to find that not only was Bluetooth not working but the system didn’t realize there was a Bluetooth module installed.  I had a brief moment of panic thinking the hardware module must have been fried but I went online and in just a minute found a fix.  I shut down the MacBook and when it was time to start it up I held the Power Button down until I heard a loud beep from the system.  This signaled that a hard restart was coming up and sure enough the Bluetooth was running again when the system booted up.  Apparently from what I could tell the holding of the power button forces the power management system to reset which is the likely culprit.  Since I use the Bluetooth Apple keyboard and Mighty Mouse getting it working again was pretty important and I am thrilled that the fix was so simple.  So there you go, Macs can exhibit problems all of a sudden just like Vista, it just seems that the fix is much simpler.


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