LTE tests yield over 100 Mbps for mobile data


CelltowerI realize that the 4G wireless data networks are yet to be chosen by all of the U.S. carriers, but perhaps the latest real world trial results will favor LTE. Long Term Evolution was recently chosen by Verizon Wireless and if the recent tests are any indication of future performance, I think VZW is making a good choice for their EV-DO replacement.Nokia Siemens executed the test in an urban area by placing a base station atop a building and then had several cars equipped with LTE devices drive up to one kilometer away to measure coverage strength and throughput. Initial tests show throughput over 100 Mbps at a range of several hundred meters, however, no results were provided for throughput at the fully tested range. Still, LTE sounds promising for fast mobile data access, so we’ll be watching to see how the technology develops.(via Phone Scoop)

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