Another Vista failure

Well here we are at the end of the year and my work set up in my home office has been honed to work like a fine machine.  The way I work in my office is I have the MacBook Pro on the desk to the left.  It is hooked up to an external monitor for two screen goodness and everything works flawlessly.  On the desk to the right (in an L shape) is the HP 2710p sitting in its expansion bay, screen open to allow me to switch back and forth between the Mac and the HP as needed.  This system has worked flawlessly for me until three days ago.


I have written numerous times that the HP 2710p runs Vista better than any mobile PC I have tried.  I have experienced no issues that plague Vista-running devices like sleep and hibernate problems, disk thrashing problems, and other like issues that make using mobile PCs difficult to do under Vista.  The HP has been immune to those problems and worked flawlessly for me in my mobile workstyle.  Until three days ago when something unexplainedly has changed with Vista.

Each night when I am through working for the night and heading up for bed I simply close the lid of the HP sitting in the dock which puts it to sleep for the night.  The next morning I open the lid and resume from the exact point I was the night before.  I have done this every single day for months with everything working just as intended with no problems.  Then three days ago I awoke and opened the lid.  It was apparent when the machine fired up from sleep mode that the HP had rebooted itself during the night.  Something in Vista had awakened the HP which crashed and rebooted.  Vista pretended innocence in this process of course yet tried to find solutions to this problem which had not existed the day before.  Nothing in the Vista database could identify this problem so no solution was offered.  This has now been repeated every single day since, and in fact over those three days the HP has crashed during sleep mode in the dock two other times during the day.  It either never really makes it into sleep mode or it just crashes while asleep.  This problem has been reported by many mobile device owners running Vista since it was released and it is incredibly annoying to have it happening to me now.

You have to understand that I have used the HP for months with no problems.  This just started to appear all at once on its own and I am at a loss to come up with either a reason for it or a solution for it.  I blame Vista squarely, I believe the primary responsibility of the OS is to prevent behind the scenes changes from creating a consistent problem such as this.  I have reviewed the Windows Update log and it shows no updates were applied anywhere near the time when this problem reared its ugly head.  The HP Update logs show none were applied by the OEM at that time either.  No, something in the background was apparently changed or corrupted to create a problem that never existed before.  This is something that the OS cannot allow to happen, unless the OS itself is the root of the problem.  I believe that to be the case because how can a solidly running system suddenly develop a major flaw, and one that only exhibits itself when the device is asleep? 

I will continue to troubleshoot this problem as it is consistent and fatal and impacts the way I use my machine but so far I am having no luck determining what the problem is, much less a solution.  The problem only shows up when the HP is docked so my daily mobile wonderings with the 2710p have not been impacted which is very good.  But for the life of me I can’t see why the docking behavior would have changed all at once.  The really stupid thing is I can predict that the solution is going to entail reinstalling Vista, something I will have to give a lot of thought to decide if I think is worth that trouble.  Thanks for nothing, Vista.  Meanwhile my Mac rolls on with no problems.


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