Vid-Biz: Stats, Golf, Strike


Research: Consumers More Connected; new survey from Deloitte and Touche says 38 percent of consumers watch TV shows online, 36 percent use cell phones for entertainment and 45 percent create online content. Those sound a little high to us. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Golf Channel Goes High-Tech; new radar system from Interactive Sports Games will give viewers a 3D representation of ball trajectory, club swing and other data. (CNET)

Strike May Threaten Golden Globes; WGA promises picket lines outside the show, will that scare off stars, or turn the telecast into a webcast? (The New York Times)

DGA Eyes Jan. 7 Date for Negotiations; with no end in sight for the WGA strike, the directors are expected to begin their negotiations with the studios within the next couple of weeks. (Variety)

Open Source Film Enters Phase 3; A Swarm of Angels opens pre-registration for people to participate in the creation of a $2 million feature film. (A Swarm of Angels)


Mr Medicus

Excellent blog posting. Makes for good reading. Very interesting stat in regards to those who use their cell for entertainment. The % was higher then what I would have believed.

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