Use a 3G Windows Mobile device as a WiFi router

Wmwifirouter_2If you’re already tethering your Windows Mobile device for use as a 3G modem and you want to share that connection even further, look at WMWifiRouter. This free / donation-ware application allows your WinMo 6 handheld to behave like a fast, cellular router. Of course, the more you share your one signal over WiFi with other clients, the slower all of you will be since the wireless pipe is only so big, but this could be useful in a pinch. (As in: CES!)Obviously, you’ll want a truly unlimited data plan and I wouldn’t recommend doing this on a daily basis or you carrier might be peeved. Checking your terms of service is another good idea, but I’m not sure if any of the carriers address this particular usage. If you want to follow the full life-cycle of the application, there’s a dedicated thread over at XDA Developers.If you got lost at the word “tethering”, we’ve got you covered there too. Here’s a quick video on how to Bluetooth tether a Windows Mobile 6 devices to a Windows PC and here’s the technique for doing the same thing with Mac OS X.(via UNEASYsilence)


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