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A-Data joins the 1.8-inch SSD party


We already knew that A-Data was planning a 2.5-inch, 128-GB Solid State Disk, but the company just announced an SSD drive for the 1.8-inch market as well. The smaller drive will be available in 32- and 64-GB capacities in a standard SATA or PATA interface, along with a ZIF or Zero-Insertion Force model as well. No word on the pricing or delivery dates, which is a little concerning. Although I might have missed the actual product launch, I haven’t seen the 128 GB unit that was promised for the middle of 2007.I anticipate we’ll get quite a few pitches and demos of SSD technology in a few weeks at CES. However, the slow pace of capacity growth coupled with a slow decline in SSD pricing makes me think that we won’t see widespread consumer adoption of this tech until 2009 or later. Hopefully, I’m wrong because I’m sold on how well SSD works for mobile devices in terms of speeds, durability and lower power consumption. On the flipside, by using “the cloud” for applications and data storage, my original thought that 32-GB wasn’t enough capacity is changing for me personally. Use of the Asus Eee PC has me re-thinking my initial concerns there.