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Earth2Tech's Top 10 Cleantech Stories of 2007

We’ve been live for 6 months in one of the greenest years on record (yes, that would be 2007) and we loved every minute of it. We broke some news, took a look at some major trends, and wrote some fun lists. Here’s our favorites of the year, from the most current stories to older posts. If there are any near and dear to you, add them into the comments section:

1). Tesla Troubles: Silicon Valley electric sports car company Tesla tells us the first cars out of the gate will have an interim transmission, and that hurdle has added to the company’s need to raise another whopping $40 million. We brought you an exclusive interview with Tesla’s Chairman Elon Musk and new CEO Ze’ev Drori.

2). Nanosolar’s Got Thin Film Solar Game: We wrote about how Nanosolar had started producing thin film solar panels in its San Jose plant on schedule before the end of 2007. And soon after the company announced it had started shipping its first thin film solar panels. Then there’s the most popular post of the year, 10 Questions for Nanosolar CEO Martin Roscheisen.

3). Google Wants a Gigawatt of Clean Energy: Google announces its plan to invest hundreds of millions of dollars into clean energy business initiatives, including tens of millions of R&D dollars into solar thermal energy to power its own server farms. The search engine giant is planning on getting the cost of clean energy down cheaper than coal, and as the cost of powering computing goes up, Google is getting vertically integrated on energy, too.

4). The Top 10 Most Controversial Ways to Save the Planet: The idea of “geoengineering” reared its controversial head in 2007, delivering creative (and possibly harmful) solutions to climate change on a planetary scale. Here’s 10 ways to geo-engineer our way out of climate change — will one of these be a global warming homerun or an apocalyptic oops?

5). The Latest Cleantech VC: Al Gore: Cleantech investing was so popular in 2007, the Nobel Peace prize and Academy Award-winning former Vice President decided to get in on it and joined Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers as a partner. So didn’t see that coming. Gore says he’s donating his salary to the Alliance for Climate Protection, but not his stock options in startups – how noble? Speaking of, that Noble Peace prize he got for his climate work, is a pretty big deal for cleantech, too.

6). The Top Jobs of Cleantech: The relatively new world of cleantech is spawning a whole new set of jobs, from “green brand manager”, to “biodiesel vegetable oil pickup man,” to “solar panel installation foreman,” to (our favorite) “guilt-free venture capitalist.”

7). Blackle is BS, Google Says: Blackle, the black Google search page that was supposed to reduce screen energy consumption, was all the rage for a few months in 2007. But not for good reason. Google later slammed the web site for actually not reducing energy consumption at all. Done and done.

8). 7 Ways the Military is Using Eco Tech: The U.S. military is getting into clean energy for powering soldiers in the field and reducing fuel costs. Nevermind some of that defense work is in “securing” oil rich nations.

9). An A to Z of the Biofuel Economy: From Apples to zeolite, the biofuel industry is working on an alphabet soup of options for biomass. What will be the best option for 2008?

10). Welcome to Earth2Tech: GigaOM launches its cleantech focused site. . .us! Our inaugural post, which still draws readers. Maybe it was my celebutante DUI reference.

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