BBC's Favorite Technology 2007


Five BBC technology reporters chose their favorite technology of 2007. And the winners are:

Facebook. Jane Wakefield says, “it is about communication and people which, for me, is what technology should be all about.”

Witricity, a device for delivering energy to laptops and other electronics without wires.

Facebook again. Rory Cellan-Jones picked it not for its application platform but because it helped him develop a virtual social life, “rediscovering old contacts, hooking up with other technology journalists, even talking more to my old friends.”

Rich web applications, such as Google Calendar, Docs, and Reader as well as Flickr photo editing tools.

Enum, which can map net domains to telephone numbers and could unify the worlds of phones and the Internet.

I’d choose Twitter, for its ability to keep me connected and in the loop during my web workdays.

What’s your favorite technology of the year?


Anthony Russo

RSS feeds. I can keep up on tons of information from tons of sources and in a fraction of the time it would take me to check them myself.



I have to go with what they termed “Rich Web Apps.” This year I was without a photo editing program for a new laptop for a little bit and used Cellsea photo editor for editing photos to add to blog posts. No sign up or anything and that was the moment I knew that I would be working towards being more mobile (not tied down to a laptop).

Now I use Google Calendar, Docs (although more of a backup storage) – even GMail to hold draft blog posts.

Anne Zelenka

@Lincoln: I thought the two more forward looking suggestions (Witricity, Enum) were a lot more interesting choices than Facebook. But I chose Twitter, so I guess the urge to choose something with daily social impact is strong.


The BBC love Facebook. They go on about it all the time. Radio 1 and FiveLive the two stations I listen to most are always wittering about it. Their news website is always full of articles about it. They probably have a deal whereby they get paid for it.


Facebook has been good for keeping up with friends and colleagues but something about Twitter and making friends from all corners of the Web and taking advantage of the “groupthink” really appeals to me.

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