Amazon Now Offers Warner DRM-Free Downloads

10 Comments (AMZN) has added DRM free downloads from Warner Music Group to its MP3 store, something Apple is yet to offer on its iTunes music store. With 2.9 million songs available for download, the Amazon MP3 store is a very legitimate player in the digital music business, and a true competitor to Apple, which has 5.5 million songs available but majority are protected by Apple’s own DRM.

I liked the download service when it first launched, and have often bought music from them, though it still doesn’t come close to the convenience and ease of use of the Apple’s iTunes.



Om, slow down please… try to make DRM-free download from Amazon with account on non-American billing address, you will learn true meaning-of-life. Essentially, Amazon is pro-DRM, enforcing America-only-and-uber-alles rule at server level, NO exceptions. In other words, it is DRM-free-only-for-US. And I kept rest of (more emotionally charged) comments off-line.

Silus Grok

Correcting the type would require “DRM-free Downloads”, by the by.

On a more important note: I think that your phrase “Apple’s DRM” implies that Apple is the acting agent. I think that Apple has made it clear, however, that it would prefer that all its music were DRM-free. It’s the labels with the issue. Perhaps “label-required DRM” might be more appropriate?


Any site for music download is too cool coz it is a big pain to search for your favourite song in hundreds of sites. That too a company like entering this market is cool.


OM – your title seems to have a typo – perhaps you meant “DRM Free Downloads” not “DRM downloads”? Cheers.

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