Amazon nets Warner for DRM-free tunes. Are we at the tipping point yet?

Amazonmp3Amazon scored another win for themselves and for consumers today with the announcement that Warner tunes will be DRM-free on the Amazon MP3 site. Although I have an iPhone and use iTunes with it, I haven’t succumbed to spending hundreds of dollars in music downloads. I used the Zune Pass subscription service for a year, but once Amazon opened up their DRM-free store, I cancelled my music subscription from Microsoft.That was the tipping point for me because I knew Amazon had the staying power and clout to make a music store without DRM work. Of course, no content store is worth its salt without… well… content. (duh!) With the addition of Warner Music joining Universal & EMI in the Amazon store, I’m thinking we’re at or nearing the tipping point for a faster move away from DRM for music. I can often find the same DRM-free tracks for less at Amazon as opposed to iTunes or other stores and I don’t have to go through the hassle of burning my tunes to CD only to later rip them for various devices in the house like iPods, Windows Mobile handhelds, PCs and Macs.While I can appreciate the need for artists and labels to make money for their content, I’m firmly convinced you shouldn’t have to buy the same content for different devices. The same goes for book content on eBook readers, but I won’t go there just now. Yes, I’ve purchased the same book on different platforms and yes, I’m bitter about it. ;) Have you “tipped” towards the Amazon MP3 store yet?


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