Nanosolar: No Solar Panel Auction For You

Here’s a brief note to digest during your Xmas cheer-induced hangover. Nanosolar’s landmark “#2″ thin-film solar panel, which was put up on eBay last week, has yet to find a home with an adoring fan. The thin-film solar startup that just started shipping its solar panels says eBay prematurely ended the auction with no winning bidder after the company decided to give the proceeds to charity. Nanosolar CEO Martin Roscheisen writes on the company blog:

The eBay auction started at 99 cents and quickly reached more than $13,000.00, and there was still more than 6 days left. At the point where it became clear that the auction would reach thousands of dollars, we decided it would be appropriate to use the proceeds after the auction for a charitable purpose. We regret that without warning eBay today decided to delete our auction due to the promised charitable use of the proceeds.

You probably weren’t pining away over the panel, but it’s nice to have such iconic cleantech gear bring in the dollars for a good cause. Well, the company isn’t losing too much sleep over it and is keeping the panel at Nanosolar HQ, and states: “This isn’t a battle we care to fight more than an afternoon.” Back to doing what they do best: manufacturing the thin-film solar gear.



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