Vid-Biz: Sellout Risks, Nalts Incites, Queen


Hubbub over Disclosures and Production Values; rant about new media by Cheryl Colan at Hummingcrow draws passionate responses that nearly turn ugly. (original post; Steve Woolf and Zadi Diaz respond; more on the thread on the Yahoo Videoblogging list)

Nalts Goes Apeshit over Copyright; another holiday weekend hubbub: popular videoblogger invites YouTubers to set up sock-puppet accounts to set Lane Hartwell’s copyrighted photographs to music in response to her DMCA claim to take that popular tech parody video down. (video, blog post)

Queen of England gets a YouTube account; part of the royals’ bid to get tech-savvy. But embeds and comments are disabled! (The Guardian, YouTube channel)

Mininova Adds Content Distribution Tools; torrent directory will help indie producers distribute their work. (Mininova blog)

Apple Not Promoting Apple TV; Valleywag notices there’s no mention of the device in Apple’s holiday gift guide. (Valleywag, Apple site)


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