O2 Expects To Sell 200K iPhones By Jan; Big Data Users Despite 2G Network


UK telecom operator O2’s CEO Matthew Key was in California last week to meet Steve Jobs, briefing him on the iPhone’s progress so far in the country. Key told FT that 200K iPhones should be sold in Britain by early January, in line with his expectations since the November 9 launch. A 3G version of iPhone is due next year and Key is confident that O2 will also have an exclusive deal for the new version of the phone.

He said the iPhone users are big data users, which is not exactly a revelation, considering the phone’s uses. About 60 percent are sending or receiving more than 25MB of data a month..by comparison, only 1.8 per cent of O2 ‘s other mobile customers on monthly contracts are consuming more than 25MB a month. This is on a 2G network, of course, though the Wi-Fi capability more than makes up for the lack of speed on phone network.

O2’s research found that customers who have Nokia’s (NYSE: NOK) N95, which runs on 3G networks, access markedly less data compared with those using the Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) device, another FT story said.



Recent independent real world tests have shown that Steve Jobs was truthful and correct: the 2.5 EDGE network is NOT that much slower than 3G.

I witnessed this myself. A friend has a Nokia N95 and her brother has an Apple iPhone. In front of me, each using their cell phone at the same location, at the same time, both downloading from the same website over the same network, the 3G on the Nokia was NOT that much faster.

They did a number simultaneous downloads a number of times. After witnessing this, I said to myself, "Really, what is all the fuss about 2.5G being slower than 3G?"

Yes, 2.5G IS slower, but it is not THAT MUCH slower. People are impatient, and I am also, however, for widespread availability, 2.5G is necessary, because 3G is NOT widely available.

I would prefer Apple to go to 4G with version 2.0 of the iPhone. THEN we would really see download speeds that are signifcant.

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