Four Top Pit Stops for Free Software Apps


If you’re like me, you’re constantly looking for good, free software applications. The web is teeming with applications that can make you a better web worker–from organizational applications, to graphics applications, to system utilities. In this post, I’ll round up four of my favorite pit stops when looking for high-quality, free programs.
My favorite of all sites to go to for free, useful software applications is At this site, you’ll find a whole slew of good programs, and they’re organized into categories so that you can quickly go to what you want. Along the left side of the home page, you’ll find the following category headers: Internet, Text, Graphics, System, File, Miscellaneous, Palm, and OS X. The majority of the applications you’ll find at are for Windows. but if you’re a Mac user, the OS X page has tons of good, free programs.

At individual applications are listed with brief descriptions of the benefits of the programs, and the sizes of the programs are listed. You’ll find apps as small as 16K in footprint, and much larger ones. If you’re a Mac user, you’ll find applications that do things like show your Safari history as a searchable, sortable table, and if you’re a Windows user try out some of the cool, tiny graphics applications. Also, make sure to visit the home pages of the developers who contribute to There, you’ll often find more good, free applications. If you love to find good, free applications online, also check in regularly with SourceForge Here, you can not only find good programs from the open source community, but the site provides free hosting for open source software development projects. Like, SourceForge categorizes the many free applications it makes available so that you can search specifically for, say, VoIP or financial applications. At this site, you can also find lots of good applications for Linux.

Technology Media Apps.
Don’t ignore the technology media if you’re on the hunt for useful, free software. PC Magazine’s Download Center is a great place to find useful software utilities, and the collection there is constantly growing. Likewise, CNet’s site includes thousands of free applications for various operating systems, complete with reviews for many of them.

Where do you go for free software applications? Can you cite any good, free apps?


Vara Lakshmi

It is useful for a newbie like me the list
of sites that give free software applications download. Encourage the readers to
give some more useful sites that offer the free software and applications they are
using for their own purpose and feel comfortable. thanks!


I often start with as a good source for freeware apps.

PC Magazine’s downloads are no longer free. They went subscription a while back.

Michael R. Bernstein

Because too much choice can be overwhelming for newbies (and sourceforge in particular is littered with dead projects), one of my favorite places to point other folks to is which features a nice selection of the best that Open Source and Free Software have to offer.

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