FTC Online Ad Targeting Guidelines: Industry Breathes A Sigh Of Relief


The Federal Trade Commission’s new online ad guidelines appear to offer a laissez faire approach, which the Interactive Advertising Bureau and AOL (NYSE: TWX) have treated as an early Christmas present. As we mentioned, the FTC is entrusting the industry to police itself as opposed to handing down strict rules on behavioral targeting. In meetings set up with the FTC last month, the regulatory agency indicated it might issue tight controls over marketers’ online activity. In a speech at the November Ad:Tech conference in New York, Randall Rothenberg, president and CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau warned that coming regulation could strangle online advertising practices:



aren't these the same clowns who feel your mailbox is open territory for all sorts of junkmail?

opt-in only.

Jeffrey Chester

The FTC–and the public–will continue to learn why real federal rules are required. Responsible and forward-looking ad industry leaders should embrace the need for a democracy to have legal safeguards empowering citizen/consumer control over their information.

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