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Vid-Biz: MTV, Hillary, Hair Gel

MTV Taps into Citizen Journalism; “Choose or Lose ’08″consists of 51 youth reporters (one from each state) that will cover the election through short videos, photos and podcasts to be distributed via mobile and the MTV and Associated Press web sites. (MTV)

Mystery Surrounds Anonymous Pro- and Anti-Hillary Sites; the professional-quality video content has many thinking they aren’t just fan sites. (The Huffington Post)

New Web Ads Have a Meta Style; L’Oreal’s viral hair gel advertising campaign aimed at men parodies product placement, uses web site, video clips and a blog. (The New York Times)

Sony Stops Making Rear-Projection TVs; consumer electronics giant dumping the old teevees to focus on LCD, follows similar decisions made by Philips, Toshiba, Hitachi and others. (TWICE)

TV Guide Programming Coming to NEXT.TV; the Internet television service to get TV Guide broadband shows, including celebrity interviews and music videos. (emailed release)

Teacher’s Global Warning Video Becomes a Hit; the quirky clip entitled The Most Terrifying Video You’ll Ever See has pulled in roughly four million views, sequel consists of 44 segments totaling six hours. (The Seattle Times)

3 Responses to “Vid-Biz: MTV, Hillary, Hair Gel”

  1. Earthcruiser

    The only experience Hillary Clinton will bring with her to the presidency is the same MIS_DIRECTION, GRIDLOCK, I DON”T RECALL politics we have had for the last 30 YEARS. America is on the cusp it’s time for a decision redirecting our country to a path of non-distruction. She cannot make that decision, she has no experience in leadership other than the status que. She will be Americas second worst presidental embodiment. if she is jammmed down our throats as Bush was. VOTE.. America VOTE …