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Annual Energy Outlook 2008 Released: The Energy Information Administration’s released the report on the future of America’s energy and projects oil prices to fall to $58 per barrel by 2016 but rise again to $72 per barrel by 2030 (in 2006 U.S.$) – Clean Edge News.

Buy Cotton to Make Money Off Peak Oil: Jim Rogers explains the connections between cotton, peak oil, and many other driving forces in current “commodities supercycle” – Alt Energy Stocks.

Ausra’s Carrizo Energy Solar Farm Gets OK: The California Energy Commission said the application was “data adequate” and will begin a year long review process. Ausra is hoping construction of the 177 MW farm in 2009 – Green Wombat.

GM and DoE Launch EcoCAR Challenge: Engineering students are being asked to design a car that gets maximum fuel efficiency and minimal emissions while fitting within consumer accepted cost and design. Apparently the U.S. automakers couldn’t figure this out so their farming it out to poor students – GreenBiz.

San Francisco Starts Carbon Offset Program: City officials will calculate the carbon costs of their travels and contribute to city offsetting programs. In unrelated news, Mayor Newsom was on the guest list for Google co-founder Larry Page’s wedding in the Caribbean – Reuters.

The Ongoing Biofuels Essay: Part III: Today’s installment in the ongoing series questions our friend Vinod Khosla about his biofuel plays – MIT Technology Review.

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