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Seriously? Billy Joel Inspires Another Parody

Today we have the third, yes third parody video we’ve seen this month that rewrites the lyrics of Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire to jest about an unrelated topic like technology, news, and now, the stock market. Couldn’t you have at least given Piano Man a shot, people?

The Richter Scales may have gotten there first with their Here Comes Another Bubble clip, but they’ve since been taken down and put back up and maybe taken down again over using other people’s photos. Then yesterday JibJab released In 2007, which jokes along to the familiar tune. And today we have STOK TIKR SING ALNG, in which the Wallstrip team does its best to hit the high notes with “We didn’t kill the market; when the prices bend, you can find the trends!” I will say that although this video crossed the finish line in last place, I think it has the best visuals.

JibJab co-founder Gregg Spiridellis tells us his team started production on the clip back in October. Sounds like a case of over-planning to me, but Spiridellis adds that JibJab actually got Billy Joel to approve use of the song in its parody, something we’re willing to bet the beleaguered Richter Scales didn’t do. As for Wallstrip, creator Howard Lindzon claims via email, “We started before everybody.”

So which did you like best? Watch all three and vote below the jump.

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To be sure, it’s not like the 18-year-old We Didn’t Start the Fire hasn’t been parodied before. Wikipedia reminds us the songs lyrics have also been written to support They’ll Never Stop the Simpsons and Pet Names for Genitalia. We asked Billy Joel for comment on this month’s rash of parodies, but his rep said he was traveling and unavailable for an interview today.