MailStore backs up your PC-, web-mail for free

MailstoreextendedsearchHere’s a nifty little backup solution for your mail and it’s free. MailStore is a Windows application that will backup all of your mail, and not just from Outlook or Outlook Express. It supports mail storage from Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Windows Mail, Exchange, and (most attractive to me) POP as well as IMAP mailboxes. That’s good news for folks with web-based POP / IMAP accounts. I’m definitely transitioning away from Exchange in favor of Gmail’s IMAP offering and MailStore could be just the ticket for a localized backup in case it rains on the cloud.There’s some intelligent features built into MailStore as well: attachments are only saved once to save space, previews of mail items are available in the app and you can search through your archives through an Extended Search feature. Not a bad deal for free!(via Cybernet)