Funding Roundup: Plastic, Data Centers, Ozone, and LECs


Holiday cheer, eggnog, and investment capital for all! Here’s a quick roundup of recent cleantech funding news:

purfreshPurfresh, formerly Novazone, has announced $25 million in Series C funding for its ozone-based chemicals, which are used to disinfect food and water. The funding was led by a new partner, Chilton Investment Company, along with existing investors Foundation Capital, Grauer Capital and Chrysalix Energy and one unnamed partner.

Purfresh’s products are used to kill food-based bacteria like E. coli and salmonella. Their ozone technology is used to clean water as well, a market that continues to grow as global water supplies become increasingly strained.

CeeliteCeeLite, the Blue Bell, Pa., maker of light-emitting capacitors (LECs) has raised $4 million in private equity to build a manufacturing facility next year. Of the funds, $2 million came from the Musser Group, with the remaining $2 million attributed to unidentified investors.

CeeLite’s LECs are paper-thin plastic sheets containing phosphorus that light up when a current is run through them. The LECs can be seamlessly integrated into almost any surface. Applications already include street signs, window displays and even drum kits.

ValidusValidus DC Systems of Brookfield, Conn., has pulled in $10 million for its direct current power systems. This first round of funding was led by Oak Hill Venture Partners and follows the $4 million in seed capital Validus took in back in 2002.

Validus designs transformers that convert incoming AC power from the grid to DC power for data centers; it claims its transformers can improve data center energy efficiency by 40 percent. Energy and cooling costs are quickly becoming the most expensive part of data center management and everyone’s looking at ways to keep costs down.

novomerNovomer, the Ithaca, N.Y.-based plastics maker that uses carbon dioxide in place of petrochemicals, has gotten an undisclosed round of financing from DSM Venturing. In addition to the financial agreement, Novomer and DSM will sign a cooperation agreement in the hopes that Novomer’s polymer technology will work with DSM’s investments in “performance materials.” The company raised a $6.6 million Series A in November.

Update: DSM’s announcement is not for new funding. DSM was an unnamed investor in last month’s Series A round and are now announcing their participation. Novomer has not announced any new funding since then.

Element Labs, maker of LEDs used in entertainment, architecture, and extreme sports, pulled in $12.7 million in Series B funding. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based startup got $10 million from Expansion Capital. Sierra Ventures and lender Gold Hill also participated in the equity raise.

Element Labs has by far the coolest web site of any firm we’ve covered here at E2T. It’s got fashion shows, NASCAR, and pole dancers. Element Labs make the huge LED displays you see at concerts, and have provided visual effects for Daft Punk, Ricky Martin, The Police, and the Beastie Boys. Cleantech’s never been so cool.

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