The Second Coming of the Mobile Web

With new browser-happy phones like the iPhone and the Nokia S60 lineup, there are some who believe that the mobile web is ready for its proverbial second coming. Martin Sauter on his blog explains that while fixed Internet had nearly a decade to mature before going mainstream, mobile web was thrown into the deep end right from the get-go. The browsers, content and connections were pre-mature for mass market, he argues.

Anyway with 3G networks in place, new devices on the shelves and popular web sites like Facebook and MySpace offering mobile optimized versions, it seems like that the mobile web will finally have its day in the sun. I think the key difference would be that content providers have to treat the mobile web experience differently from their fixed Internet experience. For instance, the iPhone Digg is much different (and frankly better) than its beefier counterpart. What do you think?