Popular Perez Gets Kicked Off YouTube

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Forbes-minted #1 Web Celeb and YouTube partner Mario “Perez Hilton” Lavandeira had his account suspended last night due to terms of use violations, according to the popular celebrity gossip blogger. The violation centered around a video clip depicting Liza Minnelli in a state of intoxication. It was used with permission, Lavandeira asserted in a vlog post on another account he created — which was subsequently taken down as well.

Lavandeira claimed that despite being “the biggest YouTube supporter and fan,” he got burned because his online clips were only available on the site. Though you can still find What Perez Sez on VH1 — which, for you conspiracy theorists out there, just happens to be owned by Viacom, a plaintiff in the $1 billion lawsuit against YouTube over copyright infringement.

Lavandeira has been the focus of copyright claims in the past, mostly by photographers complaining that he profits from the publication of their pictures. Lavandeira claims fair use on the basis that he’s generally editing the photos and mocking the news worthy celebrities depicted. He’s also been sued over publishing leaked recordings on his site.

Lavandeira didn’t respond to an email asking what other video services he might also begin posting — and it will be a while before Viacom and Microsoft get their new site up and running. Ask a Ninja creator Kent Nichols’ suggestion? “Build up your video views through your own site.” After all, it’s a lot safer and more reliable to publish salacious celeb clips, copyrighted or otherwise, on your own domain than on a site that’s the focus of one of the biggest intellectual property battles in history.

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