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Looking for a technology writer? I’m right here.

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Jk_icon_100pixI love technology, particularly mobile technology and the impact it can make on someone’s work and lifestyle.  The productivity gains that can be garnered by fielding the proper mobile tech kit are huge and I love to write about that.  I also enjoy writing about industry trends, doing reviews of both hardware and software, and covering the hot topics of the day.  If you are a print or online publisher doesn’t this sound like what you are looking for?

I particularly enjoy writing longer articles about these topics so I can examine them in greater depth and detail.  It’s a different style of writing than I do here on jkOnTheRun and I’d like to do more of those types of articles.  I have been a consultant for a very long time which has kept my writing career a part-time endeavor and I’d like to change that.  I can only imagine how sweet it would be to write full-time, that would really be fulfilling for me.  Of course doing that requires some paying writing gigs since my family insists on eating regularly.

Doesn’t this sound like something your company needs and in a hurry?  Ping me an email at jk AT jkontherun DOT com and let’s get a discussion going about it.  You need it, I can do it and all we need is a go ahead so what are you waiting for?

3 Responses to “Looking for a technology writer? I’m right here.”

  1. James, your writing and video journalism ultimately inspired me to pick up my Verizon Voyager. The review of the phone that you did was flawless, and you explored nearly everything that I’d look for in a review.

    Aside from that, nearly every piece of your’s that I’ve read in my short 3-4 week followings here at JK, has been MUCH more informative than your average tech write-up.

    Good things to shine down on to a communications major such as myself.

    Keep writing, James.

  2. James and Kevin…

    I would gladly pay you to write for the FrigidGeek, but sadly I’m short on cash.

    Best of luck on finding someone! I’m sure you’ll have no problem finding writing gigs, they’ll see how great your content is straight away! :)

  3. bluespapa

    Three reactions, James, and a wish:

    1. Writers get paid?

    2. Did we finally use up all the oil?

    3. You mean the magnificent palace that is the jkOnTheRun website is just a movie set backdrop? All Pixar and Photoshop?

    You’re a fantastic, insightful, thoughtful writer, and I hope the transition goes well!