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If It's Not PC, It's Not For Intel

[qi:109] Looks like the leading PC chip maker, Intel Corp., is continuing with cleaning house and getting rid of non-core, non-PC businesses. They are selling their fiber optic component business to chip maker Emcore for about $85 million. Intel had previously sold its communications chip business to Cortina Systems.

This is not such a bad deal for Emcore, since the division sold by Intel has customers like Fujitsu and Alcatel-Lucent. Tunables are amongst the fast-growing parts of the fiber ecosystem. Tim Savageaux of Merriman Curhan Ford, a brokerage firm, believes that with this deal, Emcore could split its solar and chips businesses into two distinct companies.

6 Responses to “If It's Not PC, It's Not For Intel”

  1. Jesse Kopelman

    Your title should substitute microprocessor for PC. After all, Intel is still making CPU for servers, which are certainly not personnel computers. They are also going hot and heavy into embedded devices and smart phone/PDA, which may well be personnel computers in some cases, but are not often classed as such. Meanwhile, you can’t just say CPU either, as they are still the leader in GPU sales by unit (thanks to integrated chipsets) and are making this a bigger R&D focus in the near term.