Blackberry Users Rejoice, Google Sync for Calendar Rocks

Google has been building up its array of offerings for Blackberry devices. Google Maps, GMail and Google Talk applications are widely used by Blackberry owners, but one application that is going to pleasantly surprise everyone is the brand-new Google Sync, which makes your Google Calendar whisper sweet nothings to your Blackberry Calendar. Google Sync is going to be made available for other platforms as well, but for now it is a Blackberry exclusive.

I downloaded and installed it on the T-Mobile Curve. (On your device browser visit I had to go into the application permission settings to allow the device to automatically sync with my default calendar. I left it on “automatic” and now the calendar changes sync (both ways) whenever a calendar entry is changed or added. Unlike a lot of other folks, I prefer using one calendar. It syncs with my desktop iCal via Span Sync and now Google Sync with the Blackberry. There are some folks who are having trouble syncing pre-existing calendar entries on their Blackberries with Google Calendar, but since I didn’t have entries to start with, I personally didn’t experience this problem.

If you prefer not to use Google Sync, then there are other options such as GCalSync or GooSync — and both are quite excellent. Windows users can use Calgoo Connect to sync Outlook with Google Calendar and then one of the three offerings to get your calendar on Blackberry. Among other new mobile applications from Google, I would recommend installing Google Docs for Blackberry and Picasa — especially if your Blackberry has a built-in camera.