Barker Quit, Rove Rapped, OJ Took His Crap Back: JibJab Reviews 2007


JibJab‘s third-annual year in review video is out today, recapping the events of 2007 in song and cartoon, all with the company’s typical panache.

One small problem, at least for those of us in this little tech bubble, is the video’s choice of soundtrack. JibJab used the tune of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” the very same song parodied for the Here Comes Another Bubble video that spread like wildfire through the blogosphere twice in the last week, once for being funny and the second time for being taken down over copyright concerns. But I guess when a song has that many verses, it’s simply irresistible to parodiers. (Here Comes Another Bubble was restored on YouTube yesterday).

Though JibJab’s Year in Review uses U.S.-centric subject matter, for the first time the company is addressing its international audience by adding subtitles provided by PLYmedia (though these don’t seem to come through in the embed). Check it out:

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Hey Liz. We started production on this in October. You can imagine how bummed we were when the bubble song came out but can you you do? We were too far along to change course. Cool thing is Billy Joel actually approved use of the song for our parody. Thanks for posting!

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