Save The Date: EconSM 2008 Conference: April 29th at Skirball Center, LA

Before the end of our sold-out Economics of Social Media conference in April, we were already hearing from participants who wanted a reprise. Now we can tell you that will happen: the 2008 edition of EconSM will take place April 29 in the creative setting of the Skirball Center in Los Angeles. More details in extended entry…

general_info_3imageLike last year, the focus of the conference will be business models and deals in the social media sector, though the debate and the players have been changing rapidly over the last year and the program will reflect that. We will look at the ways digital media and entertainment, as we cover them on our sites, intersect with social media — from traditional media and Hollywood to marketing, music and games, mobile, nanomedia, public media and more. Also, as was the case last year, we will be as inclusive as possible; EconSM is for participants, not attendees.

Coverage of EconSM 2007 at the Beverly Hilton is here. The EconSM website still has last year’s info but will be the source for updates. We’ll let you know there and here when registration will open; last year sold out fast and space will be more limited this year.

We are hard at work developing the program and recruiting speakers. Please send suggestions, sponsorship queries and other conference e-mail to: econsm AT