What's On Your Laptop Wish List?

Earlier this morning I received a press release from In-Stat, a market research firm, outlining the findings of a survey they conducted on how PC usage in North America is changing. One of their key findings: We are spending way too much time on the computer — more than 48 hours per week, on average. Bad news for old TV, I suppose.

We are apparently a nation of PC addicts, lugging around laptops on our vacations. Nevertheless, given our obsession with PCs, isn’t it time we start getting better machines from the guys who make them?

In-Stat says that consumers increasingly want more wireless options on their computers — everything from wireless accessories to wireless peripherals to wireless connectivity, of course. I agree. And I would add to that list machines that don’t turn into cooking appliances after three hours of use, risking permanent disfigurement. (Are you listening, Mr. Jobs?)

That’s my laptop wish list. What’s on yours?


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