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Global Investment in Alternative Energy Hits $74B: New Energy Finance analysts report that investment hit an all time high as energy prices rise, concerns about climate change mount, and countries are seeking diversified energy sources – Financial Times.

Greenwashing Bottled Water Reaches New Absurdities: Joel Makower blasts bottled water companies’ efforts to “green” their products. “Now with a 30 percent less label!” Yeah, we’re unimpressed as well – Joel Makower.

Lehman Ups the Targets on Solar Stocks: Analysts see demand ahead of estimates and think the price of polysilicon will continue to rise in 2008. All of this is leading solar companies to vertically integrate – Seeking Alpha.

To All Those Chumps Who Sold LDK Solar…: LDK is trading up at $70 today and Michael Schaffer couldn’t be happier. The company has resurged after taking some serious hits amid a short selling storm – Seeking Alpha.

Biofuels Might Be a Bubble, But What Other Options Do We Have?: The Midwest ethanol is suffering from the boom-bust cycle of commodity excitement, but we need a petroleum alternative now and corn isn’t the answer – MIT Technology Review.

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