RescueTime tracks your application and site usage for free

RescuetimeEarlier today we covered how to keep your computing data safe and secure on a USB thumb-drive, so it’s only fair to cover the opposite end of the spectrum for the fully transparent folks. RescueTime is a free service currently in beta that tracks your application and browser data; the goal here is to get an idea of what apps and sites you’re using the most. Using that information you can presumably get a handle on how much time isn’t being used efficiently during your computing day. Not that those online poker sites are a waste or anything. Why just last night I hung in a tourney for a personal best of over five hours straight. Oops…Anyway, RescueTime looks like a nice productivity tool; you’ll need to install a small tracking application on your PC or Mac and then it takes care of the rest. It doesn’t matter how long you have an application or window up and running; RescueTime is smart enough to only track the time when a program or site has focus, giving you a truer sense of where you’re wasting that time. Or where I’m wasting time. In my defense, I did draw my first Royal Flush… that should count for something.(via Business Hacks)


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