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Another New Live Video Play: Flixwagon

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flixwagon.jpgIf you’re going to bare your soul via a live video stream, what better way to do it than by using your ever-present cell phone to both shoot and send? That is, as long as your camera doesn’t suck and your bandwidth doesn’t blow. But improvements to both are ongoing and as a result, we’re seeing more live cellphone video streaming efforts.

Last week we told you about Qik, prompting our knowledgeable readers to offer up names of other service providers, including Floobs, Sofia Digital and ComVu. This week, we bring you Flixwagon. The company, which is jointly run out of Tel Aviv and Boston, is currently in private alpha, but promises to let the public in by January. They’re also setting up a special invite page for NewTeeVee readers (we’ll keep you posted).

Flixwagon’s proposed offerings are similar to those of Qik, but include the promise of better picture quality and compatibility with a larger number of phones. Users will be able to stream live video from their cell phones to the web — and eventually, if all goes well, other cell phones. The company has developed versions for both Symbian and Java, but it really requires 3G to get it right. In the U.S. that means you will most likely need a nicer Nokia or Sony Ericsson phone and an AT&T or Sprint unlimited data plan. So even though the service will be available worldwide, the company’s marketing will be focused in Europe, we were told in a phone briefing on Tuesday.

The Flixwagon founding team comes out of telecommunications software maker Comverse. The company was incorporated back in April, and has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from angel investors. It has 10 employees.

Flixwagon isn’t making money yet but it plans to do so through a combination of advertising, premium services, and partnerships with video and news sites to incorporate mobile live streaming.

We think video communication startups like Seesmic, Ustream and will need to incorporate mobile live video to compete. Kyte just raised $5.6 million from Telefonica, bringing its total funding to about $10 million. Also recall that AT&T is testing a live video service of its own.

6 Responses to “Another New Live Video Play: Flixwagon”

  1. M Squared

    You state taht AT&T is testing a live video program. AT&T has launched a live phone to phone video program called video Share. It is available today. Future version will allow more features such as the ones mentioned as everyone uses the same technology.

  2. With full disclosure, I work for Comet Technologies, where we have been streaming live from Windows Mobile phones for nearly 2 years. We are completing Beta testing for people rather than our enterprise customers at Currently we are streaming live from Windows Mobile phones such as the BlackJack, Motorola Q, Palm 700 & 750, HTC 6800 (Sprint Mogul or Verizon VX 6800). We are still testing phones, but work on most Windows Mobile Smart Phones.
    Our software has 2 features beyond simply streaming that blows me away. First is the text messaging system from the website to the mobile shooter. The messages are instantaneous and really makes the world a lot smaller. Second is that we are a one to many solution. You can open our software on your phone and view other people streaming or broadcast yourself to other phones and the web. Yeah yeah… we archive your files also and will even auto upload them to You Tube or Myspace….
    There is something amazing about seeing video live as it happens. People forget that most TV and Radio they here is on a 2 -10 second delay. We are generally a 1-3 second delay!
    Sorry for the shameless pitch…but if you have a compatible phone, you should give us a try, you will be amazed! Feel free to email me if you have any feedback [email protected]

    No special invite needed…just register on our site, download our software to your phone and start streaming!!!