Facebook Settles Text-Messaging Lawsuit; Says It Will Enact Better Controls


Facebook has settled the lawsuit an Indiana woman filed against it a few months ago, reports the AP. The woman alleged that she’d received a bunch of unsolicited and sometimes explicit content from Facebook, after one of its users’ phone numbers got recycled to her. She alleged Facebook was profiting from the messages by receiving a cut of the 10 cents she had to pay Verizon (NYSE: VZ) to receive them, and she sought unspecified damages and to start a class-action suit against Facebook. As part of the settlement, Facebook says it will more closely monitor lists of recycled phone numbers from operators in an attempt to cut down on the unsolicited messages; it also says it will make it easier for the recipients of messages it sends to block them from being sent in the future. Facebook admitted no wrongdoing in the settlement, and it also agreed to pay the woman’s legal bills.

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