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A Tie-Up With Level Up Brings Ragnarock And Gunz To Indiagames’ GoD Service

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A tie up with Level Up, a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) distributor in India, gives Indiagames two more MMOGs for their Games on Demand service: Ragnarok and Gunz. Earlier this year, Indiagames had inked deals with Sify for releasing two other MMOGs in their GoD ecosystem: Raikon and Gunbound, and War Rock with K2 Networks and Alien Arena with COR entertainment. The PTI story claims Ragnarok has over 25 million online players, which would make it larger than Word of Warcraft. Believable?

If anyone remembers, Level Up used freeware to distribute Ragnarok when they launched in late 2005, inviting users to register online and dispatching demo CDs via post. The game has since caught on amongst a section of RTS and RPG players. The MMO market in India is heating up. DOFUS, a flash based MMORPG was quite popular amongst casual RPG gamers. Zapak is currently developing its MMOG for the Indian space (early 2008 is what we’ve heard about that launch). MMORPG gameplay quality is directly related to the number of subscribers and interactivity in the world created. While Norse mythology, Orcs, Elves and Paladins may be getting the European and Asian markets hooked, localizing content for Indian tastes is key. While Chinese gold farmers are making quite a killing on WOW servers, one wonders if Indian audiences will bite the dedicated paid subscription model bait.